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General Information

The Nevada Assembly hires full-time, temporary staff to work five to seven months for the 2017 Legislative Session in Carson City.  The 2017 Session begins February 6, 2017, and ends June 5, 2017.  Training for these positions commences January 3, 2017.  All positions with the Assembly are nonpartisan.  Assembly session employees are paid a daily rate (hourly rate of pay x 8) seven days per week while the Legislature is in session. Prior to the Legislature convening and after the 2017 Session has ended, session employees are paid at an hourly rate for actual hours worked.

Assembly session employees who serve at least four consecutive months and are employed by the Legislative Branch at the conclusion of the session are eligible to transfer to a position having similar duties and compensation in the classified service of the State, or to any position for which an individual is qualified without regard to the duties and compensation of the position, on or before November 1, 2017, even if the employee’s service with the Legislature is terminated before that date. Those employees transferring to a position in the classified service retain credits for annual leave, sick leave, and longevity. For details, see Nevada Revised Statutes 284.3775.  Benefit information is available through the Public Employees' Benefits Program and the Public Employees' Retirement System.

Position Hourly Salary Range Number of Openings
Personal Secretary $13.43 – $23.54 15 – 20 +
Committee Secretary $14.39 – $25.54 15 – 20  
Proofreader $14.39 – $24.30  2+

An Employment Application AND a multipage Supplemental Questionnaire are required.  To retain the information on the forms, you must save the documents to your hard drive.

Assembly Employment Application 

Supplemental Employment Questionnaire 



Susan Furlong
Chief Clerk of the Assembly
401 South Carson Street, Room 1109
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4747
For further information, call (775) 684-8555