Testify Before a Committee

How to Submit Written Testimony to Committees

Please note that there may be slight variations between houses and/or committees about how or when the committee prefers to receive comments. Refer to the meeting agenda for details specific to the committee.

You may otherwise generally send your written comments to the committee email. Use the Committees list on NELIS, then select the committee to which you’d like to send comments. The committee email is found on the overview tab in a section called Contact Information.

If you would like to present in a committee please refer to the specific committee and the meeting agenda for details.

Requirements for Persons Who Enter the Legislative Building

All visitors are welcome to enter the Legislative Building. Visitors must pass through a metal detector before entering the Legislative Building. The metal detectors are located directly to the front (West side) of the Legislative Building and in the security shed outside the North entrance.

Please see the Buildings Information page for further updates and information.